Sunday, May 28, 2006

Silver lining in the cloud

However cliche this may sound but that's what first came to my mind when I heard Advani's this quote.

Somebody has finally spoken up against current implementation of reservation. This doesn't indicate that he is against reservation, but atleast he is unhappy about the way it is implemented right now. Government's absurd, frustrating (for people ofcourse) way of forcing quota on us, was something much lesser than what we deserve as people of a democractic country.

I am not saying, Advani is a visionary or understanding politician, but his this step is much better than defeaning silence of not only congress but also opposition parties. There was hope when Left was talking about excluding creamy layer and all, but suddenly all was well for Congress after UPA meeting and Pranab Mukherjee blatantly declared proposal of the bill the monsoon session. Talk with Doctors, blah blah was suddenly vaporized and all hopes were shattered. Does this mean BJP will oppose reservation bill? May be not, but atleast this is better than what has been happening till now. Hope this boosts spirit of people seeking justice and transperancy.

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vikram aka pogo said...

may be he is just saying so because he is in the opposition and opposition has only one task- to oppose..