Friday, May 12, 2006

This is really is funny...

Poor Inzy... He was already facing some competition from Younis Khan on captaincy front, now he has competition off the field too. When you watch India-Pakistan match, above anything else, you don't want to miss Inzybhai's speech at presentation ceremony. Typical speech goes like this.

Bismillah-e-rehman-e-rahim. First of all many thanks to Allah. We is played good cricket is today. But Indians is played more good than us...

and thus it goes. Now why I said he was facing competition? Oh right... He is now face to face with Indian media giant Hindustan Times, when it comes to stand-up comedy.

Read this article : Wild, wetty dreams

Inzybhai start innovating, else you're out of the business.

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PS:- HT seemed to wake up after the article made news all around blogosphere, they did minor modifications and changed the title to "Wild, Witty dreams" !!!! That didn't seem enough and finally they have removed it from the website. You can find original unedited version here.


Sujata said...

I used to also enjoy the speeches given by Arjun Ranatunga and Azhar....same old story over and over again with their typical accents... =)) As such all paki players are anyways confused as to whether we should praise ourselves or criticize the other in the end they resort to the mercy of Allah.. and then the same old again!

preeti said...

i remember Inzy's speech.. tries to start in english but ends up in hindi