Sunday, August 19, 2007


There is no place like Home.
-Dorothy,The Wizard of Oz

There is no place like
-Douglas E. Comer, Author of Internetworking with TCP/IP

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I had no intension of watching Marigold whatsoever and this start of a review on Desicritics just strengthened belief.

Did you know Marigold is the name of a flower? You did? Oh well, tough luck then - this movie is not for you, because that is about the most interesting thing you come out with. Yeah, it’s that drab.

I know it's not *that* funny, but I ROTFLed for atleast 3 minutes after reading it...!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday musings....

As we get older (as opposed to grow older), we start to make certain assumptions about ourselves. As time grows, we start to think that we are beyond certain feelings. Certain things can not happen to you ever again. You assume for yourself that set of negative feelings/emotions you were so sure are way behind. All it takes is just a small shock to tell you that Don't be too judgmental about yourself, dude. You still have a long way to go.... Keep note of such incidents and you will have a reality check for yourself.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Internet Radio on your Google Talk

I just love when different technologies come across to make a gadget that makes you say.... WOW!!! Although less popular than its peers Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger, I love Google Talk primarily because it's built upon open protocol jabber. Using this gtalk2voip has made an internet radio application. Just follow following steps and do let me know your feedback :

  1. Add to your GTalk friends list.
  2. Add
  3. Make a call to, you will be directly connected to teen taal FM radio station.

How was that?? Just make sure to use MUTE on your side to ensure privacy, just in case :)

Leave your feedback in comments section.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Ek Surati Ghazal

One of the least known things about Gujarati language for non-Gujarati people is how many different accents Gujarati actually has. Whenever any movie/serial tries to capture Gujju people they have a typical Ketaki-Dave-ish Gujarati accent prominently known as Kathiyawadi. One of the other accent, prominent in South Gujarat is mainly attributed to Parsi people. Whenever captured,like Being Cyrus, always highlighted as Parsi language, but it's common to most South Gujarati people. So here is a tribute to it. Obviously it's beyond translation, but even if you know Gujarati, you might not enjoy it unless you actually have been in touch with people.

પન્નીને પહતાય તો કે'ટો ની,
વાહણ જો અથડાય તો કે'ટોની.

અમના તો કે'ટો છે પાંપણ પર ઊંચકી લેમ,
પછી માથે ચડી જાય તો કે'ટો ની.

અમના તો પ્યાર જાણે રેહમની ડોરી,
એના પર લૂંગડા હૂકવાય તો કે'ટો ની.

"એની આંખોના આભમાં પંખીના ટોળાં..."
પછી ડોળા દેખાય તો કે'ટો ની.

હમ, ટુમ, તન્હાઈ બધું ઠીક મારા ભાઈ,
પછી પોયરાં અડ્ડાય તો કે'ટો ની.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Secret behind Himesh Reshammiya

This has got to be one of the funniest forwards in recent times, after the airtel advertisement ofcourse.

This post is made totally with humorous intension and no harm is meant to any community, especially to any wolf community.