Friday, December 22, 2006

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

It's OFFICIAL. That's what seventh is going to be called. Rediff says, JKR teased fans a lot before actually revealing the name on her website. Exciting as it may sound this to those who have been involved with JKR's wonderful journey of Harry Potter's seven years at Hogwarts, for muggles, it's just a title. While I start wondering in blogosphere and web. Here are some pointers, for further information.

Links : Official JKR website,MuggleNet,Leaky Cauldron,Rediff. If some of these don't make sense to you, you better not waste your time, visiting those :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sreesanth versus Nel

India's moment of glory finally came when they won their First EVER test on South African soil, but for any Indian fan best moment of the match came on Sunday afternoon.

India's second innings was going on. Indians were already 9 down with handy lead of around 390. Sreesanth and VRV Singh on strike. Sreesanth was totally pumped up after her first innings triumph. Andre Nel managed to beat Sreesanth in a delivery. Andre Nel, as always, couldn't keep his mouth shut and gestured to Sreesanth saying "Show me your heart". Not a good moment to tease Sreesanth I say. And then came Sreesanth's reply. He hit Nel for the MAXIMUM. A huge SIX and what followed will be remembered for Indian fans for a long time to come. Sreesanth literally danced on the pitch. Don't miss the video attached.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

beats me...

Just when I thought I came up with really good PJ, Gaurav comes up with this one. BEATS ME!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


An old forward came to me yet again, and once again couldn't help but appreciate but the creative mind behind the advertisement. Here it is, Big Bazaar's women's day Sale ad.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another Blog

I love blogspot, I truly do, which is case with many of bloggers and that's what seems to be the problem. is synonym for blogging around the world, atleast for most of the companies and campuses, who want to prevent their employees from prying eyes of Blogosphere and that could be the reason I am getting so less hits or that's what my dear friend and fellow blogger Neha believes. Thank you friend, thank you for believing in me and my blog :)

So after all the lazyness, I have finally decided to move, rather copy other blog at Wordpress ( Wordpress allows me to import my posts from blogger to wordpress, so I will be maintaining both the blogs and the benefits will be twofold. My loyal readers of blogspot (Not that there are many) won't have to change their RSS feeds or Blogroll (but I kindly request all of you to put my new blog on your blogroll :) ) and second of all, The larger world who is being deprived of witty thoughts (Ahem... yet another dear friend and fellow blogger Uday believes it to be double curse on the blogosphere). So in a nutshell, start visiting my new blog. See you there...