Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wall-E is here!!!

Teaser for much awaited movie is out. (Yeah, yeah, I know I am little late) PIXAR. Sirf naam hi kaafi hai....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome 2008

No, I am not going to write anything for welcoming new year but will rather point you to one of the funniest post in recent times around blogosphere. 2008 in preview by Aadisht. A must read. Sidin, Greatbong, you have a competition here, don't tell me, I didn't warn you.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Most disgraceful moment in test cricket

1981, when Greg Chappell asked his bowler, his brother, Trevor Chappell to bowl underarm. New Zealand requiring six runs off the last ball to tie the match, which obviously couldn't be hit considering the underarm delivery. Many till date consider that as most disgraceful moment in the history of One-day cricket. Today I am in front of TV watching most disgraceful test I've ever known. Umpiring, sportsman spirit all gone haywire.

Umpires are human and hence prone to mistakes. Please for the sake of the universe, please don't give me this excuse, at least for this test. Umpires have crossed all the limits. Australian first innings : Ricky Ponting clearly nicks with big sound, verdict not out. Plumb in front of stumpts, verdict not out. Let me not even talk about hundred survival Symonds got, courtesy Benson and Bucknor, during his match saving innings of 162*. Indian first innings : Jaffer out on a no-ball and guess what umpire doesn't even know. Series of pathetic decisions continue. Indian second innings, final day of the test. India surely playing for a draw, which will be big boost. Australia going for kill, damn right they want world-record of 16 wins and for that they have decided to put aside sportsman spirit. Dravid's catch is dropped at second/third slip off a no-ball, but no no-ball declared! Dravid defends a ball outside off stump, with his bat behind his pad and far far away from the ball, Gilchrist fervently appeals and verdict? OUT!! Ganguly is playing the superb knock to save the test match and just completed his half century. Suddenly ball takes outside edge and flies to third sleep, where ball not once but TWICE touches the ground before Clarke completes the catch. and what does Brenson do? He asks Ricky Ponting, standing in second sleep. Ricky Ponting even without a blink of eye blatantly says "I think he is out" and the verdict? Umpire immediately raises the finger, without even looking at Saurav Ganguly who is standing there firm!!!

Now coming to vaporized sportsman spirit of Australian team. Symonds blatantly declares that he knew he was out when he was 30 during his epic innings of 162. When ball passed way away from Dravid's bat and Gilchrist is standing close to the stumps, Gilchrist is the only person whom you can think as the one who won't appeal, if he knows it isn't out, but he appeals and Dravid is out. Ricky Ponting fella who is lying blatantly as mentioned above, does it again. Ball bounces (off the pad), Ponting dives and takes the catch, takes a diving catch. His hand is ABOVE the ball when ball TOUCHES the ground, so you can't be in doubt whether you have taken it clean or not, but he still appeals and fervently appeals???!!! Thank God that was off the pads otherwise who knows, umpire might have given that out!!! Let me not once again recount all those illogical appeals from Australian team.

If India didn't deserve to win this match, they surely didn't deserve to lose this one either. This is not loss of India, but LOSS OF CRICKET. However, World champions Australia may be, I don't have slightest of respect for the team for this win. Aussies, you DID NOT DESERVE THIS.