Sunday, May 28, 2006

Silver lining in the cloud

However cliche this may sound but that's what first came to my mind when I heard Advani's this quote.

Somebody has finally spoken up against current implementation of reservation. This doesn't indicate that he is against reservation, but atleast he is unhappy about the way it is implemented right now. Government's absurd, frustrating (for people ofcourse) way of forcing quota on us, was something much lesser than what we deserve as people of a democractic country.

I am not saying, Advani is a visionary or understanding politician, but his this step is much better than defeaning silence of not only congress but also opposition parties. There was hope when Left was talking about excluding creamy layer and all, but suddenly all was well for Congress after UPA meeting and Pranab Mukherjee blatantly declared proposal of the bill the monsoon session. Talk with Doctors, blah blah was suddenly vaporized and all hopes were shattered. Does this mean BJP will oppose reservation bill? May be not, but atleast this is better than what has been happening till now. Hope this boosts spirit of people seeking justice and transperancy.

Friday, May 12, 2006

This is really is funny...

Poor Inzy... He was already facing some competition from Younis Khan on captaincy front, now he has competition off the field too. When you watch India-Pakistan match, above anything else, you don't want to miss Inzybhai's speech at presentation ceremony. Typical speech goes like this.

Bismillah-e-rehman-e-rahim. First of all many thanks to Allah. We is played good cricket is today. But Indians is played more good than us...

and thus it goes. Now why I said he was facing competition? Oh right... He is now face to face with Indian media giant Hindustan Times, when it comes to stand-up comedy.

Read this article : Wild, wetty dreams

Inzybhai start innovating, else you're out of the business.

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PS:- HT seemed to wake up after the article made news all around blogosphere, they did minor modifications and changed the title to "Wild, Witty dreams" !!!! That didn't seem enough and finally they have removed it from the website. You can find original unedited version here.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's getting wild.... at Bangalore. It's first time after coming to Bangalore that I have seen so turbulent weather. Raining hard and high-speed wind. uuhhh.. I am loving it... :)

Monday, May 08, 2006

The One With Disappointment

It happens most of the time and it has happened again. Very few have managed to make sequel bigger and better than prequel, like T-2. (History proved itself with T-3 though). And History is repeating itself with Joey, a spin-off from mega-hit sitcom Friends.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S was hugely popular through out ten years it lasted. Contrary to its popularity, its Pilot received absymal ratings and people who watched pilot rated it as hackeneyed, but it started gaining popularity because of its humourous dialogues, sharp one-liners and well-knit subplots. Chandler, Matthew Perry, quoted in one of the interviews that other comedy shows like Seinfeld were great too, but what was different about Friends was that writers were not afraid to make some emotional subplots. Very true!!! But Friends never ceased to be a good comedy show, they never overdid emotions on the show and it remained huge hit.

On the other hand, JOEY had huge audience even before pilot was aired, because fans of FRIENDS wanted to see more of friends and it did open with huge audience, but it didn't live upto reputation of FRIENDS and it's no fault of audience. People would have definitely expected it to be as humourous as FRIENDS, but leave that alone it wasn't even "good" comedy. First of all, Characters aren't defined very well. We all know that Joey is stupid, food-lover and promiscuous and that's what we like about him, but when you overdo it, it's not that funny. His sister, Gina Tribbiani, is weird and his character is very confused. His nephew, Michael Tribbiani, is a genuis rocket-scientist, exactly opposite to his uncle. Acting-wise both Gina and Michael are mediocre. His Neighbour, Alex Garrett (Andrea Anders), on the other hand is rather cute and sweet. Her fear for Gina and her love for Joey sometimes touches you in otherwise loose plot. Obviously, Joey makers have failed miserably to recreate the magic created by David Crane and Marta Cauffman. Ratings have keep falling down and NBC have decided not to continue after second season and last episode of second season will be series finale. :-(

Despite all these, being an ardent FRIENDS fan, I keep watching Joey with hope of resurrection. I want to see silver lining in the black cloud. Hope that comes soon.