Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Thesis

Today was getting bored,and was surfing and saw the link of PhD comics on Puneet's blog. Had heard of it but didn't read it much, so thought of giving a shot and started reading from the start and man.. it rocks!!! well, I am not a PhD but atleast was a masters' student and can relate very much to it. Here is just an example through movie. Which one did you ask? What else can it be apart from THE ONE.Go through it...

Thursday, October 06, 2005


It's official now. I am leaving Symantec Software and would be joining Read-Ink Technologies, Bangalore by the end of next week.

Tomorrow will be my last day here at company. Moving too fast eh? I joined just two months back and already packing my bags. When I was finally done with my thesis work at IITK, I didn't have much time to think about as to what I want to do with my career, and just to be on safe side, I opted for Veritas Software (now Symantec). Two months over here gave me some time to think and finally became firm in my plans for PhD and so decided to move to Read-ink, experience of which can help me in apping. Read-Ink basically works in Handwriting Recognition technology, which is very much related to my field of interest (Machine Learning, Image Processing). It took me a bit long to consolidate my faith in myself and my vision, but finally I did it. In the words of Neo,I've made my choice. :-) so that probably would explain my early shift.

Two months here at Pune was fun. Pune is really a good city and makes me feel like home especially after living at Kanpur for two years. Not only city, but around the city there are lots of places to just roam about. Experience was enriched by friends over here Gopal, Somu, Shaji, Shweta, Dolly, my cousin Romil (and his room mates, those kids are fun to be with) and for short time Naishadh too. At Veritas too, these two months were full of fun and Frolic. Sunil's support made me comfortable. My team mates Madan, Nitin, Naval were fun to be with. How can I not mention my cabin-mate Suresh, whose interest made me too move into Stock Market :-) Abhay, Pooja, Girish, Bhaskar, Sachin, Sameer, Peeyush, Shubhangi, Ishwar to mention few more whom I befriended in so little time. Although I wished to work more for Frolic and be a large part of it, I couldn't. Still it was fun to be with Frolic members Yogesh, Suchitra, Rolly, Nitin, Nikhil, Nikita, Amol. During training period at Veritas somebody had mentioned to me Your first job is like your first girlfriend. In future, you may get better, but you'd never forget the first one. So true!!