Thursday, August 09, 2007

Internet Radio on your Google Talk

I just love when different technologies come across to make a gadget that makes you say.... WOW!!! Although less popular than its peers Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger, I love Google Talk primarily because it's built upon open protocol jabber. Using this gtalk2voip has made an internet radio application. Just follow following steps and do let me know your feedback :

  1. Add to your GTalk friends list.
  2. Add
  3. Make a call to, you will be directly connected to teen taal FM radio station.

How was that?? Just make sure to use MUTE on your side to ensure privacy, just in case :)

Leave your feedback in comments section.


Eliza said...

Have you tried using Yahoo messenger launchcast ? I've been using that lately and I am quite impressed. Yeah but it works on Windows only :(

Nova said...

Ya i remember telling u about that one.. Will try it out shortly..

arundhaj said...

is there any service number for Tamil radio channels???

Anonymous said...

Now would you really care to listen to only specialized radio channels that support such gtalk/voip broadcast?

If you are really online, you can listen to anything directly from your browser, who cares about such lil tricks :P


vishal said...

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