Monday, August 06, 2007

Ek Surati Ghazal

One of the least known things about Gujarati language for non-Gujarati people is how many different accents Gujarati actually has. Whenever any movie/serial tries to capture Gujju people they have a typical Ketaki-Dave-ish Gujarati accent prominently known as Kathiyawadi. One of the other accent, prominent in South Gujarat is mainly attributed to Parsi people. Whenever captured,like Being Cyrus, always highlighted as Parsi language, but it's common to most South Gujarati people. So here is a tribute to it. Obviously it's beyond translation, but even if you know Gujarati, you might not enjoy it unless you actually have been in touch with people.

પન્નીને પહતાય તો કે'ટો ની,
વાહણ જો અથડાય તો કે'ટોની.

અમના તો કે'ટો છે પાંપણ પર ઊંચકી લેમ,
પછી માથે ચડી જાય તો કે'ટો ની.

અમના તો પ્યાર જાણે રેહમની ડોરી,
એના પર લૂંગડા હૂકવાય તો કે'ટો ની.

"એની આંખોના આભમાં પંખીના ટોળાં..."
પછી ડોળા દેખાય તો કે'ટો ની.

હમ, ટુમ, તન્હાઈ બધું ઠીક મારા ભાઈ,
પછી પોયરાં અડ્ડાય તો કે'ટો ની.

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Kanan said...

ROTFL!! that was outrageous.. hahahaha I can't stop laughing. This reminds me of another one I heard in musical program years ago. I am not sure if it's whole poem but it's good one nevertheless. I am sure you will like it. :)

Link to Parsi kavita