Saturday, July 28, 2007

Partner -- The Review

Just a question. What do you do if you have a script of proved hit comedy film from Hollywood? Answer. If you are David Dhawan, you rip-off the script, you mess it with as much as you can and turn it into a slapstick, Govinda-ish comedy. Yes that's Partner for you.

As you already know Partner is a rip-off from Will Smith, Eva Mendes starrer Hitch. Partner, which our good old Taran Adarash defines as, It's stylish, it's crazier, it's a bigger entertainer than David's last two laughathons. I have only one question. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Partner is as bizarre as it can get. Now copying Hollywood movies is not anything new we have heard in Hindi movies (What else do you expect when you have the very word Bollywood derived from Hollywood just because it's located in Bombay?). Directors have forgotten that people actually watch Hollywood movies now-a-days. Anyway, all David Dhawan had to do was remake the movie frame to frame and would have turned into a decent entertainer, but my frustration gets even bigger after they try to put some intelligence into it. Sanjay Gupta did it with Zinda and now it's David Dhawan's turn to prove his "superiority".

As for plot, a loser trying to pataofy a rich, simple-minded, kind-hearted girl with help of a love guru, who has problems of his own with the girl whom he is trying to pataofy and all's well that ends well. Well, that's pretty much it. Flavour it with child scientist making accurate missiles and cool-dude child helping other dude so he can marry his mother. All the crap about Salman-Govinda chemistry and Govinda's applauded comeback non-sense doesn't make any sense.

Verdict : Strict no-no. Rather go to a local DVD shop and watch Hitch again.

PS:- While you are at it, don't watch Naqaab - Shaatir Iraade - Disguised Intensions either. Worse of the two? Difficult to pick.


Anonymous said...

You are prejudiced and biased. And FYKI, the term Bollywood was not adopted by Bombay film industry to copy Hollywood. It was a term used by Western movie critics as a derogatory reference to Hindi movie industry which was churning out no-brainers during the eighties.

Nishit said...


it might have been coined by western critics, but it's us who have adopted more than happily. and my friend I am not prejudiced. You'll tell me so when I say that "Rang De Basanti" is not one of the best work to come out of "Bollywood". Now what do you say?

My point is we have lots of potential , but we have lost much of it in plagiarizing.

Kanan said...

I am so glad I read this. I was seriously planning to go watch it but now I know I'll end up watching it at home, in case I do at all watch it. I've not seen Hitch either so may be I will go rent that one instead.