Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bollywood plagiarism at its best(???)

Bollywood has done it again. After blatant rip-offs from Hollywood masterpieces including Reservoir Dogs (Kaante), Usual Suspects (Chocolate), Old Boy (Zinda) and many many more, bollywood has struck again.

Read synopsis of new David Dhawan-Salman Khan-Govinda comedy. Does it remind you of anything? Straight lift from Will Smith, Eva Mendes starrer Hitch you might say, but David Dhawan won't even use a word inspiration or remake and who knows might deliver another hit from the shoulders of a successful Hollywood comedy. God bless us!!!


Pallavi said...

I was expecting you to write about Roger's recent victory.

Sujata said...

Yeah...plagiarism will continue... :)

Eliza said...

You know what - even after having the script handy those buffoons couldnt deliver a convincing movie! The movie is pathetic, and it drags bad in the end. God save hindi cinema!

achal said...

old boy is not a hollywood movie!!!!!

Nishit said...


yeah me too, but couldn't :(


yes it will :)


should've listened to you , but made mistake and watched Partner :(


I agree, but that doesn't it proves my point even strongly. Hollywood is not the only source we plagiarize from