Friday, August 04, 2006

SRK fascination and 'Don'

Let me accept this first. I used to be a fanatic SRK fan. I used to publicize and recommend anything and everything that attached Shahrukh Khan name with it. If I say ever since Deewaana and Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman came, I was SRK fan I would be lying. As a kid, I used like Shahrukh as Abhimanyu Rai in "Fauji" a lot. Baazigar and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge just strengthened his status. I still remember when DDLJ re-released after almost two years, I took my friends willingly/unwillingly for the movie on my 18th birthday. Now I was out in full swing. I was ready to take on fan of any other hero. Then I went to see Baadshah first day first show, I came out with all praise (although with a little guilty). Unfortunately, after that I started listening to my conscience more than my fanaticism. Meantime, I also saw Guddu, English Babu Desi Mem, Ram Jaane, Zamaana Deewana (bet you haven't heard this one), Ram Jaane, Duplicate. Duh... what more do I say? Although Hey Ram, Dil se and Swades(an apt review) made me proud.

I am not a fan now, but in some corner of my heart I still hope his every coming film beats any other Aamir (although he is a better actor), Hritik flick. Whatever I or you say about Shahrukh, we must admit he has an aura about him. Whenever he is onscreen doing a typical mushy, candyfloos Yashraj-Karan Johar scene he makes his presence felt. There is energy about every step he takes in his dance. His dance for 5 minutes can make crap like Kaal a hit. I bet there are millions like me out there who would want to watch an SRK movie, although it might be clearly evident from promos that it's just another Rahul/Raj movie, you never know he might surprise you with Aman Varma or Amjad Ali Khan or Mohan Bhargav.

How was I remembered of Shahrukh suddenly? Because I watched First promo of a first official Hindi remake, Don. Disappointing I say. I hope he is not pulling off yet another Mannu (a la Duplicate). Amen!!

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Enjoy Life!! said...

kya be hero....woh to bola woh king hai...don nahi....mujhe lagta hai khan ne galti se mistake kar diya....don mein king ka dialogue bol diya...btw, 40second ke repetitive promo mein apun ko to koi tappi nahi padi ki picture kaisi hogi...but then again...main koi movie critic thodi hu teri tarah :P

pgk said...

I grudgingly agree.

Inspite of his recent affinities for Johar/Chopra camp, Shah Rukh for me - continues to be the man who who brought us real gems like Dil Se, Maya Memsaab and Swades.

Have a look at the documentary about him - The Inner and Outer World of SRK. This is one guy who has no pretensions - he *KNOWS* that his movies never reflect reality but are an extension of a circus show - pure brainless entertainment.

A refreshing change, esp when you read Amisha Patel spouting lines like:

[i]I play the role of a Bengali widow called ‘Jwala.’ It is for the first time that I am playing a Bengali character with many shades...It is a very challenging character.[/i]

Yeah right. Many shades it seems. That performance was so terrible it was colourless.

SRK still rocks for me. Only don't tell anybody...:)

pgk said...


Sujata said...

SRK has had his own success and failures..and there is no reason why you should not be an ardent fan of his. He still is the Badshah of bollywood despite his Kandyfloss flims. Ppl are yet to beat him in commercial success. I am not an SRK Fan but he still continues to reign. :)


Bhumi said...

Wow!!!! It's great to find a guy who is a SRK fan!! I am hard-core SRK Fan since his Fauji days...and i am glad to find someone who liked him from before.. All the guys I know, hate SRK..I dont know whyyy!!

Could'nt agree more to what you have written here..
I too, acknowledge that he can do better movies, be more selective in choosing scripts..etc..but deep inside I always want his movies to do well.

well written.. :)

The Introvert said...

U don't need to be disappointed. Just shun him.
And get that corner of ur heart transplanted :)