Monday, August 21, 2006

Mixed Bag

In a state where I have been after a really looooong time. Atleast 4 years I say . And frankly don't know what it's about. It ain't frustration, boredom, emotional hell, fatigue or may be all of them. May be some complex combination of following things.

Current Album : Saathiya, Parineeta
Current Work : Automatic Error Detection
Current Platform : MATLAB
Current Thoughts : 11-dimensional (Personal, Professional, Academic and 8 other similar dimensions)
Current Ambience : Pleasant

Now you do the math and I will try to rest in peace.


Sujata said...

It happens with me too. Sometimes I like to listen to songs that I haven't heard in ages or I keep listening to one song day and night..repeat mode.


Pallavi said...

same with me too. I was listening to same old songs in IIT. and now, liking to listen to some songs which I was not interested in listening before.

Enjoy Life!! said...

Well I listen to trance all the time...i guess that means i miss the "normal" state that u guys are in most of the time

Eliza said...

What state are you in but ?

Nishit said...

@Sujata :
@Pallavi :
@Enjoy Life :

It was definitely not only the music that I was talking about

@Eliza :

I seriously wish I knew that. It was very unusual state of mind which becomes difficult for me to understand

Nandish said...

i think everyone goes through this phase many times in the life.It is called "Purpose lessness Phase",where you don't find purpose or sense of accomplishment in the current task or daily cores.
It feels like you are a machine and doing things you are asked to do.I have been to this many times.It may or many not be same for you.

colours said...

I can perfactly understand your state..... i had passed thru those .. i wont say exactly that it was just purpose lessness sometimes you just have to pass sometime. to just hit it... else..sometimes one need to just keep going.... and so u just keep going on........ and on...... :)