Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Look who's talking...

Almost when I am about to leave the office I read this story and can undoubtedly classify as story of the month. McGrath calls for better behaviour. ROTFL. If ever I make an International Sledging - XI, more than half of the spots would be occupied by Aussies and McGrath would undoubtedly be the skipper and man calls for good behaviour. Bold step I'd say ;-)

PS:- Brett Lee too joins the band


Who Cares? said...

Me too ROTFL..
It's like ssax telling sb, "I think some profs need to change their teaching style so that the students understand" :p
(I know that was bad)

Nishit said...


Actually it was good, but more funnier if you had put RKG instead of SSAX :)

Who Cares? said...

rkg would rather speak about "what to teach" in a course!
(This is from first-hand experience. I took Grid course under RKG.)

Enjoy Life!! said...

kaafi cricket chaya hua hai seth blog pe