Wednesday, January 25, 2006

India v/s Pakistan

India-Pakistan series is supposed to be high-electric series, but if you look at India-Pak 2006 series, I bet you won't agree. Batsmen get to make all the merry and bowlers waste their energy on flat and dead pitches. Make last session of 5th day an exception to this.

5th Day was full of farce at Faisalabad. Pakistan unwilling to try some challenging and dynamic game, continued their batting, probably Younis Khan's sake, who missed his double century ... ⟨forrest_gump⟩ again ⟨/forrest_gump⟩. And in all these farce, there was definitely some entertainment as an Indian bowler conceded 13 runs, a toffee if you guess that bowler.... MS Dhoni :O Last few overs were no less than one of the biggest tumble of Test History.Here are last few overs (W are supposed to be wicket)

| W 1 1 . . W | . . . . . W | W . . W

Zaheer Khan paid finally for some good bowling on the dead pitch and ended up with 4 wickets. So Pakistan is like 488-3 and then 490 all out!

As if this was not enough Lo!!! Shahid Afridi and Younis Khan opens the bowling with new ball !!! How I really wish Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan would have opened Indian innings. Younis Khan fights a bit and wants to continue. Height of frustration !!!!! Finally match ends in a draw. Wow!! atlast some interesting moments at end of the final day of the match :)


Ujjaval said...

Yeah well.. India-Pak test series is not so exiciting for me now.. or atleast for most of us. It's really a joke.. two draw test matches..

Enjoy Life!! said...

very true...just a chance for ppl to add a few 100s or 50s under their belt...not at all an entertainment