Monday, August 22, 2005


I learned this word during my stay at Kanpur, only to realize that I was Jugaading all along my life although I didn't know the word ;-) Jugaad is formally defined as follows:

Jugaad n. An improvised or jury-rigged solution; inventiveness, ingenuity, cleverness.

well, this formal definition is too small to define the actualy depth and greatness of the word. It'd be impossible to visualize anything running smoothly without this powerful Jugaad. Starting from the national government to Laxman's common man won't survivie in India without this Jugaad. Mind you, Jugaad is not to be taken in the negative sense. Jugaad is an essential part of every thing which needs to run on time. Today read an interesting article about (link) fabulous Mumbai suburban railway network, lifeline of mumbai. Scheduling and management of suburban railway can be best exercise in contraint satisfaction for hardcore mathematician and practially it really has been nightmare to theoretically come up with the solution, where a train arrives every 3 minutes on all the stations between Churchgate and Virar, the tracks run for 60 kilometres. Over 3.1 million people use 1,007 services on this network every day to get to their places of work and back home. That translates to 50,000 people for every kilometre, making it the densest suburban rail network anywhere in the world. But since 80 years (1925-2005) this is running perfect without glitches, owing to omnipotent JUGAAD. Here is Google's tribute to Jugaad :


Sujata said...

'Jugaad'...fiddle around..take risk..or as you gave the definition is a very important and inevitable part of our lives..:)..bas take it in a positive sense mankind :D:D. to hear that Indian railway is one of the largest and the most complicated railway network in the WORLD. :D.

Trivia: The first train in India ran from Bombay to Thane in 1857. :D


Kuldip Patel said...

hmm, Mere liye ek Bhabhi ka jugad kar le jaldi se :-P

Hemal Modi said...

Kahe bawaal macha rahe hoon yaha iss shabd "Jugaad" ko lekar?
BTW Jugaad literally translates as a put-together contraption that moves, but also means to devise inventive - even devious - ways to achieve something.

Wasie Kuldip did you really mean Bhabhi or was it supposed to be read as Lugaai? ;)

Anonymous said...

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