Thursday, July 21, 2005

Road Trip

It's rather unusual for me to have post on blog for consecutive days :) but, here I am after yesterday's wonderful trip.

After submitting thesis and having done some of the formality stuff, I was thinking of starting making presentation, but just then these guys came up with proposal of going to canal. Ah!! my long chersihed dream. Since last year or so, I had thought that I would go to this canal nearby, but plan never materialised, but when they asked me, I didn't hesitate for a second and that was just the beginning of a beautiful road trip.

We (me, Sheetesh, Rawat, Ritesh) chose the road behind the Hall-7. Oh yaa, forgot to mention we were on our bicycles, well and biking in that terrain was no less adventurous then tour de france. up-and-downs, right-and-left and not to mention all of them just kachcha roads. That turned out to be the best start of the trip. Going through such a rough patch, was kind of biking I was doing after a long time. Makes you feel like no you still have that dare spirit inside, you are not rotten after sitting in airconditioned office and keep looking at stupid computer screen all the time. :)

Soon, we reached the canal and a tree fallen on the road, automatically decided our returning point, as it was already getting darker and it would be difficult we don't return from there itself, but it was the best place we could have stopped at. The trunk of the fallen tree was extending to canal itself, so added a bit fun to stay over there and doing all the childish masti. Sitting on trunk thinking we have done such a dare act, wetting legs in the flowing water, splashing water over one another. and yes not to forget, our photo-session all along the trip. When Sheetesh is with you, don't need to worry about documenting your trip. We clicked some nice photographs over there. These photographs in blog are clickable.

On the return trip, we decided to choose another route, which will be touching GT Road and eventually to IITK. And all along the road, it was like a typical village, such as in a Yash Chopra movie ;). Lush green fields on both the sides all-along till your eyes can see. Yesterday nature too was in aesthetic mood and we got to see some beautiful colors in the sky and yet again, we didn't miss to click it. Took so many photographs there too. Unfortunately, Sheetesh missed to recharge his camera and we soon ran out of battery, so our photography session had to end there itself, but the fun didn't end there. Road trip continued and after long paddling got to see the road again. and this time it was Lance Armstrong act for us. On the highways, we enjoyed some fast biking. It was also dinner time and we decided to stop on dhaba on the way. Bijji da dhaba is what it was called. Well particularly not dhaba but modernized dhaba. We were suspicious about the kind of food, we'd get. But somehow this tour was meant to be great and the dinner to didn't disappoint us and food was much better than what we get in CR (our Campus Restaurant). well, it was a treat from my side owing to my thesis submission :D. On the way back, when we thought we were not far, it took us really long to reach back to IITK, but in the end all of it was worth it. We did atleast 15 km of bicycling yesterday!! and my long cherished dream was a reality thanks to these guys.


Sujata said...

Wow...looks like you guys really enjoyed a lot. :D

And now..I m missing my scooty :D.

SV said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. You have an interesting blog and enjoyed your field trip post. - SV ( )

Bhumi said...

Hmm nice break from routine i are cool :)

Dipen said...

Certainly reminding the "Dil Chahta Hai.." U can think of
Part-2 ;-)

Really nice post !!

Cheers !!

Aunty jee said...

Hi Nishit,
Your blog made an interesting read. Have a nice time and all the best for your defence.
Aunty (JK)

Sujata said...

All the Best for your defence Nishit.

rkrao said...

Hi Nishit..
Today I got some time to read your blog ..n the way u described the trip is r'lly interesting. Once we'd been to the canal.. but the trip seems more beautiful in your words.. Wish to see more blogs n all the best for ur defence...


Enjoy Life!! said...

2 days in a row!!!... wow really looks like someone has completed their thesis.

photos nice dude... and ofc... as the tradition has it... there was one solo of yours ;)

Guess must be done with defense now... did they let you graduate :P

Gaurav said...

Good ..
Hey You can view my Blog its also Good