Thursday, July 07, 2005


And the monsoon continues. Last weekend I decided to give a shot to this movie. Rather it was raining outside and I couldn't resist myself for seeing this movie *again*.

Yes, I had seen this movie way back in December when Punet was on his trip to India. That was bizzarre. In the theatre, we did everything but watch the movie. I found it too slow and boring. Then after sometime I came across O Henry's Gift of the Magi, from which this movie was inspired. And I realised that Raincoat had something which I missed and since then I had decided to give it one more watch. With the help of a guy, I managed to download DVDRip of the movie from net. and finally rainy season did it and I watched the movie again. and here is my word : AWESOME!!! I was completely into the movie this time. It took me by real surprise that how could I have ignored such a wonderful movie and that too in theatre. I regret that probably I spoiled mood for Shalin, who probably liked the movie at that time.

Manoj/Manu(Ajay Devgan) is in Calcutta, looking for some money from friends so that he can start his business and decides to meet his childhood love Neerja/Neeru(Aishwarya Rai), who is happily married to some rich guy in Calcutta. Movie is about just one afternoon they share with each other and pretend to be happy in their respective lives. Movie is quite subtle. All-of-us... All-of-us wear a raincoat all the time to hide ourselves from one thing or the other. We are afraid, we are concious and as Rituparno Ghosh puts it, we are PLAYERS. Protagonists Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya Rai are credited as Players in the title. If you really are into the movie it makes you ponder. It was more of emotional affair for me than philosophical one.

Movie excels in every department. Direction, Cinematography, Acting. Aishwarya Rai proved that she can do much better than just glamorous roles. Ajay Devgan has now definitely established as a versatile actor and this movie just strengthens his stand. Annu Kapoor and Mauli Ganguly excel in their cameo. Director is succesful in keeping the environment dark and gloomy as was needed. full marks to Rituparno Ghosh and all I can say is I am more than happy to see this movie again. Puneet, are you listening? :-)

PS:- For Gujarati readers, Jay Vasavada(Gujarat Samachar) had written a beautiful article for movie Raincoat in his weekly column Spectrometer. Worth reading. you can access it from here.

PPS:- Crossposted at InFiCa, where I am.. ahem.. critic now.


Enjoy Life!! said...

more than listening i am seeing and you misspelled my name :P in the 2nd para :D

donno abt you guys, i was more in a mood to have fun with you all and the movie was just an excuse. waise bhi maine bola tha raincoat mat jaao nahi to main movie bigad ke rakh dun ga :P

glad you enjoyed it this time, gladder (if there is such a word) that i have the time to :P

Bhumi said...

Havent watched this movie yet, heard its good will watch it for sure when i get chance. Read GS article after long time..used to read it a lot before :-)
read duniya ne undha chashma ? Tarak Mehta is fun to read :)

Sujata said...

Sometimes such movies are really ignored nishit. Once such movie by Gulzar "Khushboo" is a real good one. Its story is diff than Raincoat. But as usual an offbeat film.

astik said...

This movie is truely a great movie.Now we can say that ew too can make heart touching movies like,America beauty,Million dollar baby etc.