Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Idol : Anoop Desai

Remember Sanjaya Malakar? Of course you do! Otherwise known as that horrible singer from India. Desis in America got pretty excited too. I remember Arati talking about, how sms voting for Malakar was almost norm of every desi get-together. (Can't find the damn link right now). What with myspace protests and all that, he was, if somewhat infamous, celebrity until he was finally voted out. Phew!!

Desis have a new hero now : Anoop Desai . From whatever little I have seen, he is a decent singer and any day better than Sanjaya. It's just the beginning, so too early to judge or form an opinion about him, so as of now it's wait-and-watch. My friend Neha here, got pretty fumed about the judge, Ryan Seacrest calling him Anoop Dog. She assumed that pseudonym was drawn from Slumdog. But as it turns out, Anoop himself identified as 'Anoop Dog' (On the lines of 'Snoop Dogg' I think) during his audition, which I personally think is pretty lame. May be he just meant it to be one-time-funny and leave it at that.

One thing I believe is that no sensible American will call you terms like dog, at least publicly. Even if not for the sense of equality, they'd be damn afraid of racism controversy that might follow such comments. So unless you are one of those dumb blonde American celebrities, you wouldn't call such terms to African-American or Asian or any other minority. Any way, coming back to Anoop Desai. I am just waiting for the time, when India's 24x7 idiotic media will pick up this story and make big deal out of it. Digging history of Anoop Desai circa 1761 and desis flooding blogosphere with Anoop Desai posts.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, that 'd' in 'nishitd' stands for 'Desai'.


Anonymous said...

hehhehe isko kehte hain cashing in on the popularity... ab aap sabko samjha rahe ho what 'd' stands for? ;) :PPPP

hehehhe just kidding waise coming back to the point... "WHY???? Oh Why would someone do tht?"

Nishit said...


1. Dont know how much you follow american idol or not but Ryan seacrest is a host and not judge on American Idol.

2. About Snajaya, I dont know from where you got that phrase ("that horrible singer from India"), looks like you just made it up :P, is like calling Barack Obama "that leader from Kenya" - Sanjaya is an Indian-american and not Indian.

3. Haven't see such a hue and cry about voting for Sanjaya or AnoopDog in Desi community of US. After reading a few posts of yours looks like you are habituated to exaggerating things (which makes reading your shit worthless at times :P)

Nishit said...


1. Yeah, I wasn't following American Idol so didn't know about Ryan Seacrest. This post was just inspired by a friend's post as I mentioned in this post.

2. If you read the accompanied link about my "that horrible singer from India" jibe, you'd see the kind of reaction he got from public. and I am not saying that that's because of Indian thing or anything, but he got a lot of negative reaction because he kept advancing in spite of the fact that he was a bad singer.

3. I've heard first hand accounts about desi community voting for Sanjaya Malakar. Here's one direct quote from a close friend, an Indian who stayed in America for a long period of time "It's become a tradition of sort at Indian get togethers to vote for Sanjaya as part of ritual".

Exaggeration is a sort of humour (which admittedly I am not good at but I try), but I at least get my facts right. And if it's not worth your time, it's not a course textbook that you are forced to read :-)

Nishit said...

I was just trolling on you..I like your temperament, btw..