Saturday, November 08, 2008

You know you are watching too much 24...

You know you are watching too much 24, ...

... when you report any event with, "The following takes place between 1 pm and 2 pm ..."

... when you pick up phone, you say your name first instead of "Hello"

... when asked for your favourite super-hero, you respond with Jack Bauer.

... when somebody is not on his/her seat, you think he/she is a mole.

... when you ask for coordinates instead of address to locate your friend.

... when instead of your spelling your name as N-A-M-E, you say November-Alpha-Mike-Echo

... when you think of invoking 25th Amendment when your boss disagrees with you in the meeting.

... when you ask for immunity from the president, in return of the information that you sold out to your rivals.

... when you say "9 o' clock" instead of "to your left"

... when you'd rather be outlaw than follow order of your superior for "greater good".

... when you are jobless enough to write such a post in first place!!

UPDATE : one more,
... when you change your cell phone ringtone to that of CTU. (I and Praveen just did!)


Ankur said...

Hilarious, really shows are you completely in to it! :)
Keep it up!


Sujata said...

Jack Bauer zindabaad!

webmaster said...

many times i would say my name in place of hello while answering a call. I would also say 9 o' clock instead of "to your left"; and I don't even watch 24!

I guess that's called "the side effect" with too many 24 viewers around me :(

Nishit said...


You really need to start leaving your name.

webmaster said...

i dont know, somehow it shows my name as webmaster :) well, no complaints to google for this

Raja Agrawal said...

nice one. i am big big 24 fan :)

Harry said...

superb :D
this is the third time i'm reading it, and loving it. Day 8 on.