Friday, October 10, 2008

Do we really need The Onion...

...when we have GOP and FOX news to entertain us? FOX news says it is "fair and balanced" and I totally believe them.

FOX News is angry at Newsweek for NOT retouching Sarah Palin's photograph on the cover, given that it was so much close up. You can feel the anchor's anger and to add to the spice you always have GOP's media commentator Andrea Tantaros. Watch this clip and you can have your own drinking game for how many times Tantaros says slap in the face.

GOP has broken space-time continuum and acquitted Sarah Palin of Troopergate scandal before jury announces its verdict. How about swearing Mccain in for President on 3rd of November?

PS:- Sorry for being all election-y on blogs these days, but it's flavour of the season. Because when I am not watching 24, it provides me daily dose of all the drama, thrill, action and comedy.

(Link via Praveen)

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