Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fiction : Harry Potter and Closet of Fire

This is a fan-fic dedicated to morons at Rediff and everywhere else.

(Somewhere in the middle of the sixth book, Harry Potter and the half blood prince)

Harry was about to go to spiral downstairs then monster rose inside his heart and he halted.

"Yes Harry?" asked Dumbledore

"Professor Dumbledore .. err.. may I ask you something?"

"Go right ahead" said Dumbledore smilingly.

"Professor err.. did you ever err.. did you like any girl?"

To this Dumbledore paused for a moment then gave sheepish smile. The Dumbledore rose from his seat and gestured his wand towards thin air and conjured letters out of thin air, which read "Albus Dumbledore" and soon they re-arranged themselves into "Male bods rule, dude"

Harry slipped into shock for a moment and forced a grin on his face and started his movement towards downstairs. He could not decide what exactly what he was feeling at that moment, but he was certain that he saw nostalgic expression on Dumbledore's countenance...


Kanan said...

Grrr! I hate that about Dumbledore. Just finished rereading book 1 and there's an answer just like this one he gives to Harry. I don't know whether he actually enjoys doing this or what... hmmm.

So for this one, I think the answer is yes? Didn't we learn a lot more about him in last book though? But I don't recall him liking anyone in particular. I'll have to finish reading other books before I get to sixth one again. Until then... more reading speed for me.

Crazy on Bollywood said...

Didn't like Dumbledore character.

Anonymous said...