Saturday, December 29, 2007

Time ripe for GOTOT?

So India is poised at level where, it's almost impossible to pull even a draw now, but after looking at Tendulkar's innings in first Indian innings, I think time for GOTOT is ripe now.

Times ago, Gaurav asked for a GOTOT, which has not arrived yet. Stage couldn't be better. Two days and 500 runs to achieve. In almost similar situation, Sri Lanka would have pulled a victory right under the nose of Ricky Ponting, thanks to the charge led by Sangakkara, but courtesy a bad decision they lost by 96 runs. The way Tendulkar hammered Australians in first innings, I don't think it's too hard for Tendulkar to achieve such a high target in 4th innings. With Ganguly finding his confidence back, one of the prolific pair of ODIs might be able to pull a miracle against Kangaroos. I know I am being too optimistic, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for sure.

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