Monday, November 20, 2006

Sanedo (સનેડો)

Sanedo is taking Gujarat by storm. Everywhere from every Navaratri to marriage function, Sanedo rules. It's time to visit some history, Geography of Sanedo.

Original pronunciation and word is Snehdo(Gujarati: સ્નેહડો), derived from the word Sneh(Gujarati: સ્નેહ), meaning love or affection. Sanedo contains couplets of four lines and has striking resemblance to Bhavai, a folk drama from Gujarat. Topic of lines can be anything under the sun satire, love, youth, anything that you want.

Sanedo originated from the villages of Patan district in Gujarat and it has become a very popular dance all over Gujarat and also among the Gujarati speaking population in North America and Britain. It is frequenty played during the festival of Navratri, during wedding celebrations and during parties. Sanedo originally said to have been made famous by Arvind Barot, around 20 years ago, but it wasn't until recently that Maniraj Barot made it rage in all over Gujarat. I was skeptical about it, but ever since my dear bro has "illustrated" Sanedo to me, I am a big fan of Sanedo. I still think Sanedo deserves much more recognition than it has. Jay Vasavada has wonderful article on Gujarat Samachar about Sanedo (here) . If you are a Gujarati reader, it's a must read.

I have also created a wikipedia page about Sanedo. If you have more information about it, please contribute to page.

PS:- If you want to listen to Sanedo, you can listen it here(free registeration required), here and here.

PS/2:- Few more customized Sanedo, listen to NRI no sanedo and CM (Narendra Modi) no sanedo.


Pallavi said...

sneh in telugu means friendship. :)

lallopallo said...

Yes,you are right. It seems to be quite popular here in N.America. Last year local hindu stduent association in university near me celebrated it. Unfortunately, I couldnt go there but heard about it from one of my friend. Now your description has further piqued my interest. Hope to catch it next time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nishit,

Needless to say, it's popular in gujarat and other part also.

I knew something about Maniraj Barot(now he is no more, passed away during last Navratri).

In his(maniraj barot) early age, he used to work in my uncle's farm and he started his career with 'Dayro' and Gujarati Lok Git around 7-8 years back in near by villages in Patan Taluka.

I don't know if you've heard another song from him that is "Hudlo - Hudla tari boli mane methi methi lage". That song has also got popularity in North Gujarat.

There are so many other songs also. His style of singing a song was unique, you must have watched Sanedo Video.

Most of his songs were taken from Arvind Barot's (I am also fan of Arvind Barot) and other singer's album, but he made them more streamline when he was alive.

I must say we've lost one good artis.

Anonymous said...


I've posted blog as Anonymous, i don't know was not able to log in

Anonymous said...

Again forgot to mention my name..

-- Ashit Barot

Anonymous said...

What about "E chori sadak vachche chapri na bondhiye re chori" and then "popat joni ne mein to ponjaru gadayu, la hudala, e hudala, hudala tari boli mane bahu methi laage"

--Gopal Rajpurohit

Anonymous said...

if you want maniraj barot songs mp3 or video all i have just mail me if you want my e-mail is

hitesh patel

Unknown said...

Founder of sanedo song is asait thakar not maniraj barot .