Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Retiring from Formula-1

...and Michael Schumacher is not alone. Herewith I am declaring my retirement from Formula-1 too. Not that it matters too much, but it's essential to declare it to the world :)

World is stage and players come and go and blah blah. Good for words, but I don't believe in it, atleast for Formula-1. Ever since I have been following F-1, I have seen Michael Schumacher growing, dominating, crushing opponents. Michael Schumacher, for me, has been greater than the sport itself and I know that's the case for many Indian F-1 followers. I can't imagine watching F-1 again without MS on circuit. Can't believe there won't be high jumps on podium in red dress. Can't believe German National Anthem won't be played at Paddock regularly. Adios Master!!! Luck didn't favour him in last two race or we would all have seen him dancing and jumping on podium with eighth world championship under his belt. Just when he looked all set to take the win, something happened, which hadn't happened to him in last six years. His engine betrayed him :(

Last race showed what MS is truly made of. There was only theoretical possibility that he could win, but he ran marvellous race. After dominating first two fabulous qualifying sessions, when he came on to the circuit, some problem with engine and had to return to pits. Even after such a disappointing qualifying, he ran his supreme and already pushed Fisi for fifth position, but worst was yet to come. He had tyre failure and after a long pitstop rejoined at last position, but as Damon Hill says, he never gives up. He had shifted to one-pit strategy now and was with heavy fuel, but started showing his mattle after second round of pit stop started. After zapping through tailenders with ease, now came the big names. Barichello et al was relatively easy. Now comes turn of Fisichella to feel the heat. Schumi took his best work at Turn 1 and did most overtakes there itself. He took inside track at turn 1 and others couldn't do anything but watch. Poor chap, Fisichella tried hard to outbreak the champ at turn 1 and ran wide outside grip. You don't do that with Schumi, boy!! suck on that, Fisi. Probably Kimi understood and managed to stay on inside track, but can't hold the man for long and ultimately saw Michael zooming past him. If it wasn't for the big gap that had already occured we would have easily seen him on the podium. What a race!!! What a man!!!

Although I won't be watching F-1 now, but I will support whoever is challenging Alonso. Don't take me wrong, he is good driver, but passion comes with a price. And I have developed sort of dislike Alonso just like that. Kimi is a good driver and now in good car and hope he continues legacy set by MS. Massa is shaping up good too. and I seriously hope McLaren continues their poor reliability and we see Alonso in pits well before the end of the race. Amen!!

As promised by MS, I hope we see him back with Ferrari soon in important role. Long live master!!


Nandish Shah said...

Thanks Nishit.
Your "F-1 Watch" career was really inspiring for likes of me.
Because of you only I was introduced to this game.
Best of luck for all your future endeavours....:)

Raja said...

What a race indeed. Ending the season going out as unquestionably the fastest driver of the day... that's class. That's Schumacher.


And now fresh chapters await..