Saturday, April 22, 2006

Online petitions

Best web business idea today is to create an Online petition website. No matter what happens, create an online petition, circulate round of emails all around the world and get satisfaction that you have started a "revolution" now it's "world's" responsibility to carry it on. No matter what topic is just start a petition. Whether William Hung goes out of American Idol or some Rahul chap goes out of Indian Idol, just create a petition and show your outrage. How many petitions have you signed till date? and how many of them had positive outcome? or for that matter any outcome?

I am reminded of a story here. Churchill used to instruct his subordinates to keep woods and axe ready for him when he returns after acidic public lectures to subside his anger. Petitiononline seems to be doing same thing for us. Just to subside our anger. We feel we have done our part and get back to our lives!!!

One such mail came to me asking to sign petition to protest against quota in IITs and IIMs. Although I support the cause, I strictly believe this is not the way out.
Slimshady aptly puts it in words...

1. We signed this petition when Akshardham was attacked and they went to varanasi
2. We signed this petition when an IITian got slaughtered and they moved to IIM
3. We signed this petition when a Girl got Desecrated and they moved to another
4. We are signing this petition now so that they can divide and rule

Needs to do something solid rather than merely signing petitions. Various students from different IITs have gone on hunger strike. I don't know if it's effective move but atleast stronger move than signing petition. They might end up like Rajeev Goswami in case of Mandal Comission but they are putting out their anger and not feeling satisfaction by putting their names on online forums.

Quote of the day : The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous....
--V for Vendetta

PS :- Although it may seem that it's contradicting to my stance on Blank Noise Project, but it isn't. Why you ask? Blank Noise Project had different purpose, different presentation and different audience. Read the need of Blank Noise Project here.


nandish shah said...

Hi Nishit,
I agree with your point of view.
I actually don't know how these online petitions are working? after thousands of people sign it,is it reaching the concerned authority?i think the answer is no.Even if it reaches the authority,what is the validity of names given in the petition? anyone can generate a name list.Why would the authority consider it seriously?it is definately not the way to show the protest and anger.

Pallavi said...