Friday, May 06, 2005

"Des-Ni Nanav" My name is...

STAR WARS happens to be my latest passion. Around a month back I completed whole series.

IV - New Hope
V - Empire Strikes back
VI - Return of Jedi

I - Phantom Menace
II - Attack of the clones

and like any other STAR WARS fan, I am eagerly waiting for Episode-III : Revenge of Sith. Finally, Anakin Skywalker turning to the dark side. Goerge Lucas confirms that it will be more of emotional affair. Anyways, today series of events forced me to finally write something about STAR WARS on my blog.

Today while returning for dinner, I was discussing this whole STAR WARS thing with Nitya and got in so much enthu while talking about whole series, then courtesy Slashdot, I came to know some people actually made something like lightsaber. How stuff works explains How a Lightsaber works. A LightsaberSince then I wish to own one. Trying to convince friends so that atleast of them gives me one. Puneet, Vraj has already denied :( . If you want to be the one who wants to have opportunity to gift me one, you can select anyone from here. While searching for all these stuff also found build-your-own-lightsaber kind of thing. Well... that didn't interest me much, but what I found more interesting was that I could actually find out my STAR WARS name. They claim that your STAR WARS name is based on your first name, last name, your birthplace and your mother's maiden name(yeah, that's right!!!!) and my name turned out to be Des-Ni Nanav. Sounds cool, isn't it? It does sound like some Obi-Wan Kenobi types. I am happy :-) From now on thou shalt call me nothing else but Des-Ni Nanav.


Enjoy Life!! said...

arre hum nahi chahte tu is moh maya ke jaal mein fasein. phir tere mood ka bhi thikana nahi, agar dark side par shift hogaya to mein kis par practical joke khelunga, akela maddi kafi nahi hai na.

isliye to aise hi thik hai. ja table tennis khel. aache baache aisi sab chize nahi rakhte.

Ujjaval said...

anyway to me it looks like lightsaber works on some kinda electricity. what if there is a power cut in the city....ohhhhh.. it needs UPS..